The San Diego Workforce Partnership provides employment related services to local businesses and job seekers in the roofing indusrty through a network of countywide One Stop Career Centers. Roofing businesses look to the Workforce Partnership for skilled employees, expertise in job training and supportive services. Job seekers, both adult and youth, look to us for referral to and placement in high quality jobs, education, and training programs.

Our partners and training providers share our desire to prepare San Diego’s current and future workforce by bringing together academic, vocational, and social services with job training. We offer a wide variety of  business services, including human resources and consulting services, labor market and economic development resources, as well as expertise in job training, employer support services, and leadership in mobilizing public and private organizations to address workforce needs. There are programs that address the special needs of  youth and military personnel and their families, as well.


In order for businesses to grow and compete in the local and global economy, they have to have skilled, experienced workers. New and evolving business models involving high technology and global trade reaffirm that education, job training and career development are the cornerstones of economic security for San Diego County’s workers. That’s where we come in. The San Diego Workforce Partnership is dedicated to building a world-class workforce with solutions that create a stronger economy, so that all San Diegans have the opportunity to share in our prosperity. We invite you to learn more about our programs and  initiatives.